Terrence Evans, CMB - AMP

When did you earn your CMB designation?
I earned my CMB in 2020.

How long did the process take you to complete?
The process takes about 5 months. It began with the CMB Prep Course in Jan/Feb followed by the written exam in March and the oral exam in May. My MBA Education experience started with the School of Mortgage Banking and pursuing my AMP prior to committing to the CMB. I took all 3 SOMB classes and completed my AMP between August 2018 and June 2019.

Which type of CMB designation did you achieve (Residential/ Executive/ Master)? Residential CMB.

What is your day-to-day job role in the industry?
I work for Genworth Mortgage Insurance. In this role I manage a select group of large national lenders to help optimize their mortgage insurance strategy.

What originally influenced you to go forward with obtaining the CMB designation? Did you experience challenges on the way to becoming a CMB? 
I was a bit intimidated at first from hearing people talk about how grueling the process can be. That is, in part, why I chose to pursue the AMP first. Through that process I was able to confirm my strengths and knowledge in areas where I have experience and fill in the gaps in areas where I don't. Sometime in the middle of SOMB II I came to the realization that I wanted to continue to challenge myself and take my industry education to the next step with the CMB. I was encouraged by other CMBs at my company and the people that I met in SOMB.

Any advice for those considering CMB?

My advice to anyone considering CMB is to NOT be intimidated. Yes, it is a commitment and it takes work, but it is achievable and it is very worthwhile experience on many levels.

Did you experience challenges on the way to becoming a CMB?
The Executive Program does not rely on past classes/testing so studying is a challenge.

Since obtaining your CMB, what have you done to give back to the mortgage banking industry? 
As a newly minted CMB, I look forward to being active in the Society and helping out other fellow CMBs and future CMBs. I can see myself being a sponsor for a CMB candidate or doing things such as grading written exams or participating in the panel for the oral exams.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?
I enjoy running. And as a recent empty nester, I am looking forward to traveling more once the world gets back to normal.